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A Guide to Wine

Wine is among the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. It is typically made from fermented grapes in a process where yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes and converts them into ethanol (alcohol), carbon dioxide, and heat.


Wine is among the oldest alcoholic drinks. Its history goes back to ancient China (c. 7000 BC). The beverage was also consumed in Georgia (c. 6000 BC), Persia (c. 5000 BC), and Sicily (c. 4000 BC). From archaeological evidence, the earliest traces of wine are in Georgia, dating to 6000–5800 BC.

Types and Styles

There are different types and styles of wine. The list includes red wine, white wine, rose wine, dessert wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, honey wine (mead), and starch-based wine.
There is also a classification of wines depending on the origin. Most of the European wines are classified by the region of origin, for example, Bordeaux, Chianti, Rioja, and the rest. On the other hand, non-European wines are classified depending on the grape, for example, Merlot and Pinot noir.

Wine Industry

The wine industry has remained stable for a long time. While winemaking is popular in most countries, the US wine industry is phenomenal. It has witnessed steady growth, and today, there are over 10,000 wineries.

One of the reasons for the industry's exponential growth is the health benefits that wine tags along with. The drink also remains relevant in religion, among other social events.

Another industry currently enjoying large growth is the online gaming industry. 2020 was the largest growth the industry has thus far had, and this year is expected to be even bigger. With technology constantly evolving, it may be that there will soon be more varietals of online games than there are grapes.

The above are just some of the basics of wine. To find out more about wine, make sure to bookmark this page.